L o V e


Love isn’t about perfection
But about how you feel complete
Complete to having each other


You said that you love me
But you never thought about me

You said that you care about me
But you never thought about me

You said, it’s for my own good
But otherwise it wasn’t
It just about you

Your wish
Your comment
Your ego
Yours and all about yours

And i know that’s not about love
We talk about domination

Your domination in all my life

Stop talking about love
Coz it aint love

Coz love never thought about domination
Coz love is talk about accepting the unperfection
That’s what i call L O V E

– Jakarta | 10 Apr 2015 | by Dewi –

If i could i would

Menangis hati ini
Tersayat hati ini
Maaf ya nak
Bunda belum bisa

If i could i would my dear

If i have to move a mountain for you
I would dear

If i could then i would

What should do?

What should do ?
When u stuck in the corner and nobody there to help you ?
Even when you scream so loud and nobody heard you

What should do ?

God please help
Help me to be strong
And give me the light to show the way i have to walk into it 😒

If i could

If i could run
I want to runaway from it
If i could walk
I want to walk step by step to leave it
And if i could sleep
I want to sleep and had a dream and forget about it

If i could
But i know i couldn’t even turn my head to not face it

As long as i breath
I know i have to fight
As long as i live
I know i have to stand
As long as i have love around me
I know i can face it

Be positive

Be with positive people will guide you to be positive person. But please noted
That u’ll never get in to it if u can’t open your heart to accept the inconvenience condition that you meet πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

#acceptCritics #openYourHeart #bePositive #smile #feelBlessed #believe

#kataSayah #mbemQuotes

-dewi mbem-


β€œIt isn’t stress that makes us fall – it;s how we respond to stressful events.” – Wayde Goodall


It’s kind of waste
It’s kind of bad
But still can’t leave it behind

Stay and still
Here i am